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Purchase time tickets for a contactless credit card.

The E-shop allows PCLs for 100 and 101 zones to be purchased using the contactless credit card holder (marked with a symbol ).

You need to sign up for a user, a card, and insert a photo from the e-shop environment.

The approval of the discount (card type) is then made at the counter (point of sale).


1.     New user registration

  1. On the ecard.dpb.sk home page, fill out the registration form (or first click on the Registration button at the top left):
    1. E-mail: Fill in your e-mail address, which will serve as your login name and at the same time for any communication with your e-shop.
    2. Password: The password for your user account must be secure enough: it needs to contain both upper and lowercase letters and numbers. Password length is at least 6 characters long. We encourage you to change your password regularly, making your e-shop secure.
    3. Password Confirmation – Enter the password again to check for a misspelling.
    4. Name, surname and date od birth - please provide your information
    5. Type the characters, you see in the picture. This is a way to verify that your automated or spam robot does not register.
  2. Registration confirmation: Your registration email will be delivered to your email, so you must click on the link in the inbox to complete successfully. If the e-mail is not delivered to you, check that it was not detected by a spam filter.

2.     Bank card registration

  1. Sign up for the e-shop: fill in the registered email and password. 
  2. In the main menu, select "Overview of cards" at the top left of the page, click on „Add Bankcard“.
  3. Your e-shop will be redirected to a secure environment to enter your credit card details.
  4. Please state the credit card number of the credit card you wish to buy the time ticket in the Payment card number field, also fill in the month and year of the card validity. You can find this information directly on your credit card.
    Note: You can make a self-payment for a time ticket from any other (even unbundled) payment card.
  5. If you want to manage multiple credit cards, you can assign multiple non-contact payment cards to your account - choose "Add Card" again. You can arbitrarily name cards for better orientation using the "Add name"

3.     Cardholder data

  1. Fill in the cardholder information (Account button).
  2. At least the mandatory asterisks must be filled in.

4.     Assign a discount

  1. In order to purchase time tickets, it is necessary to have a discount (card type) on the respective card. 
  2. First, it is necessary to attach a photograph of the holder's face to the chip card. (Customer profile button → Choose file). You can select the image from your computer and then crop it in the e-shop environment. 
  3. You can select Discounts if you require a discount (card type). The card can only have one discount (card type) at one time.
  4. Confirmation the claim for the required discount personally when you visit the pre-sales service of the Carrier Dopravný podnik Bratislava, a. s. 
  5. After confirming the discount (card type) at the carrier's shop, you can buy time tickets in the e-shop.
  6. Once the discount (card type) is confirmed at the carrier's shop, it is possible to change the photo to half a year.

5.     Purchase PCL

Buying a PCL is a variant where the passenger himself chooses the zones he / she needs in order to make his / her journey from the starting point to the finish stop. Currently only purchases can be made for zones 100 and 101.

  1. In the main menu, select Buy PCL.
  2. From the list of cards, select the card you want to purchase the time ticket.
    1. Automatically selected associated discount (card type).
  3. Select Period - how long you want to buy the time PCL.
  4. Enter the date from when the ticket should be valid (Coupon Validity). The expiration date is automatically calculated.
  5. Select the required zones - zones 100 and 101 are automatically selected before.
  6. After entering all the required information, click the Add to Basket button.
  7. If you want to buy time PCL option from the top menu to pay for the booked time tickets.
  8. Select the type of payment that suits you the most. You can add additional text to better identify your bank statement payment.
  9. When you select Credit Card, you will be redirected to the Payment Gateway, where you fill in the number, validity and verification code of the card from which you want to pay the tickets. This payment card may not be contactless.
  10. In case of a card payment, e-shop allows you to issue a simplified tax document.

6.      Extending already purchased PCL
If you repeatedly purchase the same coupon type for the same zone, you can use the coupon extension feature.

     1. PCL overtime will be done in the "Overview of Cards" section by pressing the "PCL" button on one of your registered cards.
     2. An overview of the purchased PCLs is displayed, with the last purchased PCL in the list above. For the PCL you want to extend, press the "Prev PCL" or "Predict with change" button.
        a) When selecting Extend PCL, the dialog for selecting the timetable validity start will appear. The preset start of validity builds on the original extension of the PCL extension. Other parameters are the same as the original PCL. If we want to extend the PCL, press the Add to Cart button.

        b) When selecting Extend with change, the form for entering PCL parameters is displayed as in the new order. Each field is pre-populated by the original PCL, and any parameter can be changed as needed. If we want to extend the PCL, press the Add to Cart button.

 7.     Transafer PCL to another card

If your credit card has expired or has been lost, it is possible to remit an approved photo and possibly a discount (card type) to another payment card. This new payment card must already be assigned to the same account as the original card.

It is being transafered into a current or future discount.

If coupons are already purchased for this discount, these coupons are also transafered to the new card.

  1. On the original card, press the Transafer button.
  2. From the list of cards, select a card to which you want to transfer discounts and coupons.
  3. Confirm the selected card with the Transafer button.
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